“Old Town Farmland”

“Old Town Farmland ” 8″x 10″ oil on canvas SOLD

I don’t know what it is about old towns that I like maybe it’s the character of something that exhibits life experience.  Within that I think there’s an element of curiosity that emerges inside me and a desire to connect or want to know more.  At times though, I find I have a sense of existing connection that I don’t really understand yet somehow it’s there.

This small plein air landscape was painted this past Sunday in a field in an old town.  Although the trail and the building are somewhat new the setting had a great deal of charm and simplicity to it.  The aspect of simplicity in nature and more nature than buildings is something that I also connect to time’s past.

This was painted mid-day and in all honesty that’s a difficult time to paint because the light is just too much. The shadows of morning have gone and the shadows of close of day haven’t quite arrived.  It can be difficult to see contrasts which often enhance a composition and visual story. Given that element, when I came upon this field I was a little concerned with finding a place with shade in which to set up.  However, the inviting  path led me back toward the treeline where there was plenty of it.  The view from this rear part of the tract of land proved to be a lot more interesting as well. 

While I was there I decided to begin two canvases without any expectation of completing both. As it worked out, I did finish two and each one emerged with it’s own unique personality.  The foundations of the paintings were different; one was started with a toned ground the other worked from the blank white canvas.  I did move my easel a bit to complete the second one as the sun had moved forward changing the level of shade.

Available  $160 oil on gallery wrapped canvas.

“Field Shadows” 8″x 10″ Oil on canvas  SOLD

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