“Wildflower Stripes”

“Wildflower Stripes ” 20″x 16″ SOLD

What’s summer without at least one painting with sunflowers?   

This painting was inspired by the beautiful garden of wildflowers across the street from me that I’ve mentioned in a previous post.   Having been given the liberty of clipping from the garden any time I want – I’ve taken advantage of that opportunity this summer and benefited from the graciousness of my neighbor.

The garden of colors has continued to change throughout the summer.  Sunflowers are populating the terrain in both bright yellow and russet reds.  I liked the variety of bold color in this bunch and had a lot of fun painting this piece.

A stripe motif came about from a piece of decorative striped paper I had under the vase of flowers.  I’m not sure what drew me to the stripes but they seemed to work better as part of the background.  With hindsight I think they remind me a bit of awnings and I identify that motif with being outdoors in the summer.   Over the next weeks I hope to have time to paint at least one more wildflower painting with new clippings from the garden while it’s still in bloom.


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