“Goblets” 14″x 18″ oil on canvas

I have a collection of vintage crystal goblets that have been passed down in my family. I’m not too sure of their history but I know they were passed on to my mother many years ago. 

For some reason I’ve always been attracted to glass and glass vessels in particular.  I like cut crystal and I think it has to do with how light interacts with the patterns and designs cut in the glass.

The still life here in some way celebrates the beauty of shape that I see in the glass forms. It’s not so much about the facets although I made reference to some of the that in each goblet.  I like that they are empty it reminds me how difficult it can be to appreciate reflections of light when the glass is dusty or is filled with darker liquid. 

In this painting the goblets are filled with color and transparent with indications of bright reflected light. The circular motif in the background just seemed to fit and was inspired by a sheet of scrap booking paper that was available.  Circles for me seem like joyful shapes maybe reminding me of soap bubbles or helium filled balloons that float like hope.






One thought on ““Goblets”

  1. I LOVE the designs in this one, Catherine. Beautifully painted!! And I can see you. have been really busy with the paintbrush. I’m stunned to see so many additions over here. You go!!! 💞

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