“Color in the Light”

“Color in the Light” 14″x 18″ oil on canvas

Plein air painting is one fun experience for me.  I really like the synergy in being out doors and painting, even though there often can be a variety of challenges that one doesn’t experience in the studio.

Frequently, there is much to simplify and translate into simpler forms.  Sometimes the paintings just “flow” and the answers seem to be right there without my having to do much thinking.  At other times it can feel more involved as the questions and answers aren’t quite as clear.

This plein air oil painting was done at Sayen Gardens in Hamilton, NJ.  It was a rather sunny, hot morning.  I took a bit of time to walk around and see what appealed to me.  I’ve painted quite a bit here over the years so I was looking for a vantage point that I hadn’t experienced interpreting before on canvas.

The Sayen House is one of the focal points and often used for weddings, as it was going to be on this day.  While I didn’t feel moved to capture the entire cottage I liked the idea of having a bit of it included with the surrounding landscape.  The light was vivid and the shadows quite dark perhaps that was part of the appeal for me as well as part of the challenge.  After  a few hours I had the main elements in and it was getting closer to the time of the wedding so I packed up and decided I would finish this in my studio. 

Truth be told I’ve worked on this sporadically over some weeks trying to find my way through the work.  Often I do find a stopping point in my paintings but that hasn’t been the case with this one.  However, I am choosing to stop and let it rest “as is”.   For me there are things that are unresolved and that’s okay.  It reminds me of the cycle of life and how nothing is really ever “resolved” but rather always in a state of some kind of change. 

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