“Flowering Trees”

Flowering Trees Oil Painting
“Flowering Trees” 11″ x 14″ Oil on panel – SOLD “Lovely painting! I had my eye on this for a while; I’m so glad I pulled the trigger. Love having original art on my walls! C.C. Oct. 2020

I feel like I’m on a hiatus from landscape painting as I seem to be drawn to the still life lately.  However, I’m not walking away from the landscapes all together as this is one of my recent endeavors.

This painting was painted from a reference photo I had taken.  I really liked the flowering trees and the palette of the day.  I took the liberty of editing out some elements that were there in an effort to simplify the landscape and I like how that worked out.  It’s a little more abstract in interpretation and that wasn’t intentional but simply  emerged through the process.  Although I really like painting out doors the weather hasn’t been so conducive to that.  Lots’ of rain and grey days.

This landscape view is from Sayen Gardens in Hamilton, NJ a place I have painted many times.  There is an amazing collection of plants, trees and gardens for someone to walk around and enjoy.  Often when I go it’s on the heels of a wedding getting set up so I have to paint rather quickly!

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