“The Abstract Bouquet”

“The Abstract Bouquet” 18″ x 14″ Oil on canvas – SOLD

I’m not sure I believe in reading minds but at times I wonder about the synchronicity of energy.  Last week I had been thinking about flowers and how I haven’t been painting those too much lately.  When I pass by the outdoor market that’s open on Saturdays I’ve thought about stopping but haven’t over the past few weeks. While the “itch” to paint flowers remained I went on finishing other pieces and working on a few landscapes.

Earlier this week as I was heading out I noticed a card and glass vase on my front porch with a bouquet of wildflowers.  My lovely neighbor across the street had brought them over with a note saying anytime you want to pick some flowers please do.  Wow! 

I had not spoken to her about my painting lately or that I was hoping to paint some flowers and yet here I was, gifted with a seemingly random bouquet.

I loved the free floating delicacy of the bouquet and of course was moved to paint.  I hoped to capture a randomness in the painting and let shape and color be the essence of the “story”.

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