“Strawberry Compote”

“Strawberry Compote” 6″ x 8″ Oil on canvas – SOLD

Spring strawberry festivals remind me of small home town environments.  I also think of ice cream and old fashioned glass compotes.

This still life oil painting came about from that inspiration. The glass bowl I found as I was walking downtown by the local ice cream shop. The woman who owns the shop was cleaning out and getting ready for the new season. She had put a box of “Free” items on one of the benches.  As I walked by I noticed this pretty little bowl and decided to take it.  Glass lover that I am, I thought at some point it might come in handy.  And so it did!

This small painting came about with a spirit of simplicity in mind.  Focusing on the essence of the berries and architecture of the glass a more abstract interpretation emerged.  I like the celebration of nostalgia paired with a contemporary point of view.

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