“The Green Bowl and Oranges”

The Green Bowl and Oranges_6430b“The Green Bowl and Oranges” 9″x 12″ Oil on canvas – SOLD

Loving glass, as I do I have this collection of emerald green bowls with a soft gold rim that I don’t get to use very often.  In my search for subjects I decided to bring these out to see if I could incorporate one of them into a still life arrangement. 

The green is a very deep emerald and when light comes through it takes on so many more interesting qualities.  Pairing the bowl with an orange just seemed to work in terms of color and shape.  The circular motifs that evolved in the cast shadows added a richness to the composition that I didn’t plan.

In doing some research on the meaning behind the color green and orange it turns out that the two are connected to growth and change.  Maybe yellow, the color they have in common, is representative of the “fire” or “flame” that often ignites such transformation.

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