“A Color Garden”

“A Color Garden”  14“x 18” oil on canvas – SOLD

Deep in the back of the garden underneath the canopy of trees, I found this.  A pathway made of branches from former trees, winding it’s way around a bouquet of pink and red Azaela’s.

The atmosphere was quiet. Nature thick with green leafy leaves and other adornments.  I tucked myself behind some vegetation to get some distance  and take the landscape in. Carefully opening my easel I saw it’s legs nestle into remnants of last falls leaves.

The color was overwhelming so much like an Impressionist painting. I took my time appreciating it’s richness, hoping to get some of that on canvas.  After a couple of hours it was time for me to go.

The balance of this painting was finished in my studio with several renditions.  The landscape was so full it was difficult to edit.  At one point I had a more visible tree on the right and after looking at that for about a week I decided it needed to go.  Although, this is a bit stripped down from where I began there’s still a lot of activity in the composition. 

This is reflective of the actual garden.  Every time I walk through its an experience filled with wonder. Outside the lovely plantings there are many other treasures sprinkled through the endless pathways. I’m grateful for my kind neighbor who shares her labor of love with those in the community!

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