“Fruit and Vinegar”

“Fruit and Vinegar” 11“x 14” oil on canvas panel $175

Gathering items for a still life often poses some challenge for me; mostly in my effort to find something new.   To start this process, I tend to bring a lot of items together and experiment with arrangements until it “clicks” or I can see it as a painting. 

When thinking about the selection for this painting I had a desire to keep it simple.  Fruit are a subject that I enjoy painting but I wanted something more.  I had this small dark glass bottle that used to hold balsamic vinegar.  The shape of it I’ve always admired and found interesting visually. When I put it with the apples and orange it just seemed to work.

In this still life painting, I continue to express an interest in line as part of the composition vs. making that fade away.  I think this moves the work to an expression beyond the apparent subjects and closer to the spirit in which the paintings emerge.

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