“Tents and Flowers”

Tents and Flowers Oil Painting on Canvas

“Tents and Flowers”  14” x 18″ oil on canvas

May seems to open the door to events in the area that call for tents.  Not small camping tents.  Big, large, white expansive tents that have palladian style windows built in.

Most recently I noticed some of these on the campus of Princeton University and it reminded me of this painting I did about a year ago.   I painted on site at the Morven Museum in Princeton, NJ where they hold an annual flower sale around Mother’s Day.  The big white tents are always there and I find myself drawn to them. Secretly I think they remind me of circus tents and how fun and magical those were to experience as a kid. I always knew when I walked inside with my parents I would see something amazing…like trapeze artists and animals.

The spirit of that, on this May morning, is what compelled me to paint the tents. There were no trapeze artists or tigers and lions only a meandering collection of jewel tone flowers and plants on the lawn outside.  That was enough for this early morning painter.   And while there were folks walking around I decided to leave them out. It seemed more fitting to focus on the other parts of the landscape.  That made it easier for me to dream about the circus.

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