“A Lilacs Embrace”

Lilacs Embrace_5650b” A Lilacs Embrace”  15” x 18″ oil on recycled Masonite  – $1275 Framed

There’s a vintage lilac tree in my back yard. I say vintage because it’s over 23 years old and lilac trees have a vintage feel to me. Taking a few clippings from the tree seemed to fit right in with my movement toward capturing elements of spring on canvas over the past weeks.

Lilacs are fairly delicate creatures even though they have these lovely strong wooden stems.  Just putting them into the glass vase was a bit tricky. As I did, the little petals would just fall on the counter. The branches were fairly dense with plumes of color and  I needed to place just enough in the vase so they would support each other without toppling out onto the counter. When viewing them close up it’s amazing to see the rich and varied colors of the small flowers that make up each plume. And I love the way they droop ever so slightly. They remind me of a graceful ballerina.

This oil painting I worked in tandem with another at a slightly larger scale.  I wanted to see how it would be working two paintings at the same time of the same subject. As it turned out , they have similarities but do tell their own unique story.


Note: This painting is a non-standard size. The frame is solid wood and was custom cut to fit this piece.

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