“Journey Onward”

“Journey Onward” 8” x 10″ oil on canvas (SOLD)

Painting, for me is so much about journeying onward.  That’s one of the appealing aspects because it means I get to keep learning.

In this recent plein air experience I found myself continuing to discover new things about color.  Exploring different combinations and how they related to adjacent hues was fun and not something I had planned. 

The landscape here was near some athletic fields on a back road.  I’ve been through there a number of times running and over the years taking my daughter to track practice.  The expanse and wild nature of the vegetation and trees always peaked my interest.   Curious as I am, there’s a part of me that’s always seeking new locations to paint.  This was one that I finally decided to visit.  It was later in the day and very quiet as most of the schools were on spring break.  I dealt with catching a few ticks on my jeans as I stood in the meadow grass, but aside from that the view was rather messmerizing.  

The colors I used are a bit more vibrant from the actual landscape, but not by much to my eye.  I loved the pathway it was just so inviting that I had to journey onward and paint.


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