Daffodils 8 x10_5493“Daffodils” 8” x 10″ oil on canvas SOLD

There’s a part of me that looks forward to seeing the daffodils bloom around my yard come spring.  It’s hard to believe many of the bulbs I planted almost 20 years ago.  The clusters are a little bigger yet there’s a consistency to the offspring each season even 20 years later.

I think that’s one of the many miracles in nature and perhaps why I like being out in nature so much. There’s something about the consistency. 

The bouquet gathered here I cut for Easter and put them on my kitchen table to enjoy.  They didn’t last long there but rather swiftly made their way to my basement studio.  Having been on a spin painting glass canning jars I had a few of those around and plunked them right in.  I like daffodils and canning jars.  Nothing too fancy but rich with a natural beauty that’s hard for me to put into words when I look at them together.  That’s where the paint comes in!


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