“Primary Tulips”

Primary Tulips 6 x 6_5333B“Primary Tulips” 6” x 6″ oil on canvas  $50

I saw this bunch of tulips in the market last week and had to get them.   I’ve been wanting to paint some spring flowers and the combination of colors spoke to me.

Over last week I painted two small still life oil paintings using this bouquet as a primary subject.   I really like how this one came out.  The other is also nice but different. 

In this painting, I didn’t want to add the vase they were in.  The other painting included that and I was seeking a closer view of the flowers.  Generally when I choose to do that with a painting of flowers it can become a little frustrating. Working the bottom of the canvas and articulating the stems in a way that works with the overall composition is the challenge for me.  It was no different in the process for this piece.  However, I think I found some simple marks that work (after a lot of messing around) that give some description without being too specific. 

I hope to continue with a few more flower paintings.

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