“The Glass and Pitcher”

“The Glass and Pitcher” 16″ x 20″ Oil on canvas – $1100

Still life paintings are something I enjoy practicing with.  I think I learn a lot from them and they teach me things that I can use when I’m faced with painting a landscape outdoors.

Shapes are more easily defined in a still life in my opinion.  So I think the still life experience as a painter helps me have an easier time defining shapes outdoors where there can be a lot going on that needs to be deciphered and simplified.

In this painting I was drawn to finding the basics and leaving out details.  Although on the pitcher and glass I added in hints of the etchings present in them.  Some of the colors were played up and made more vivid to highlight contrasts, perhaps making them a more important part of this story.  I like leaving parts of my under painting exposed. I feel this is part of the work that doesn’t always have to be covered with more paint.

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