“Dunes and Fences”

“Dunes and Fences” 20″ x 16″ Oil on canvas – $900

Stepping a little early into the beach scene on this one. I suppose it’s inspired by the wave of warm weather we’ve had.   None the less it has been fun to explore taking a plein air painting from a day at the beach before winter and reworking it on a larger scale.

The original plein air was done over another painting which had quite a bit of texture remaining on the canvas.  It’s been my experience that painting over a prior work can add some nice texture to a new painting. However, in this case it didn’t quite work.  Painting it again seemed like a worthwhile endeavor since I also liked the composition. 

This piece is warmer in temperament and a bit less dramatic.  I was faced with weather changes on the original. Storm clouds moving in, some rain and hints of sun along the way.  I think this rendering honors the spirit of that a little more.

I liked how the fence  meets with the dunes.  There’s unity for me in their pairing, even though their visual structure differs greatly.

This reminds me that diverse entities can often work well together given opportunity and willingness.

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