“A Winter Garden”

“A Winter Garden” 10″ x 8″ Oil on canvas – SOLD

Spring is making it’s way known these days. Bulbs are emerging through the ground.  Yet, it’s not quite spring.  Visually it looks spring like outside, which is why I thought I would post this plein air painting from a couple of weeks ago. It reminds me of this time of transition and how the visual experience can contrast with the physical experience. 

This is a winter painting on a day similar to today.  It was a day that looked spring like. Although, there were no spring buds. The sun was out and the landscape perhaps a little less colorful than my interpretation.   

The painting takes place behind my house and I’m looking at my neighbors back yard.  In the summer there can be a full and hearty vegetable garden growing within the fenced area.  What I saw was the brush that was left from a year of not planting. Beautiful in its own regard. Wistful and organic in it’s winter state.   I also loved the shed  and hideaway on stilts that was built for the children to play in.  Many memories came to the forefront of my mind of neighborhood kids playing, my daughter included.  The sounds of laughter and sometimes tears.  It can feel like yesterday.  

Time has a way of evaporating and yet it doesn’t.  Maybe I will come back in a few months and record another experience from this vantage point.  Time will tell.

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