“Snowy Evergreens”

snowy-evergreens180_3801“Snowy Evergreens”   9″ x 12″ oil on panel  $250

It’s been a lean winter in terms of snow so far here in New Jersey.  As someone who loves the snow I feel some disappointment.   However, about a month or so ago we did have our first significant spell of white.  In my excitement I decided to seize the opportunity  and  plein air paint.  If only for a short while.  Layering up in snow pants and all the rest, I ventured out through my back yard and into the field of trees beyond.

The field is typically filled with evergreens.  Although many of them were cut down during the summer, which is actually an interesting site now.  The stumps remain at this point and it’s a view that I keep considering as a subject.   On this morning, I headed further back into the remaining deciduous and non-deciduous wonders  tucking myself in between some of natures tall friends so the wind chill would be minimized as I set up my easel and canvas to work.

I loved this view.  I’ve walked through here many times over the past 20+ years. There’s always something new to see and explore.   On this quiet morning I was enamored with the light as it cascaded through the landscape, highlighting the budding evergreens as well as their more mature neighboring fellows.  Thick brocades of white covered the ground and branches.  While deep shadows rested underneath.  It was quiet.  An occasional leaf would be blown across the frosty snow and I could almost hear it’s movement as I stood painting.

This painting was fairly complete after my 2 hours out there.  I had to stop as it just became too cold.  Over the next day or so I went back into the piece in my studio. Shifting and working to extract more of the texture and soft color that was present on that beautiful morning.

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