“Melody of Light”

“Melody of Light”   14″ x 18″ oil on canvas $590

Apples and lemons are a lovely combination and kind of what I had around my kitchen.  I do love their respective color. 

This still life is an extension of my last one “Still Life Sonata”.  In my heart I think I wanted to continue on with a softer  palette of colors but then there were the apples and lemons.   As I put this together I wasn’t so certain of the dramatic contrast but I think it works over all. 

I feel a sense of peacefulness within the painting and perhaps passion is indicated as I look at it now in the red and yellow.

As far as where I will go next within the context of a still life I’m not sure.  The softer palette is appealing to me so I may start from there in terms of selecting the next arrangement.

2 thoughts on ““Melody of Light”

    • Thank you Amy! I appreciate hearing how you experienced this painting. I enjoyed painting it and feel more balance and calm in my life in general maybe that’s part of what came through. Enjoy the day!

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