“A Winter Sketch”

183-5-x7-winter-sketch_3501“A Winter Sketch”   7″ x 5″ oil on canvas SOLD

Saturday graced the day with a light dusting of snow. It was a bit wet and icy but all I could really notice was the beauty.

After returning home from a memorial service for my close friend I went outside and snapped a few pictures.  It was a little too wet to paint outdoors. My friend loved the winter as much as I do. That’s one of the many things we had in common.  We had cross country skied right through this area in the painting just last winter.

It was a joyful experience to jot this down on canvas.  Even though it wasn’t done “en plein air” I was still able to capture feel the awesome comfort I can find in winter.

I loved the soft greys and hints of color against the white.  Perhaps I made the snow a bit thicker than it really was so I could feel the “blanket” of protection I often do with snow. Maybe I just missed my friend.

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  1. Awesome Catherine – this painting gives off a great feel to the atmosphere of the winter scene. You captured the beauty of winter – cool that you guys actually skied right through the area.

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