“Still Life in C Major”

Still Life 18 x14_3203B“Still Life in C Major”   14″ x 18″ Oil on canvas – $650

Turning inward with the cooler temperatures has brought me back to painting still life oil paintings.  I think this is where I am led to put my focus this winter.  On some level it seems so fitting as I find myself becoming accustomed to a more “still” life.

Gathering elements that felt warm like autumn became my objective.  Taken by the rich color and beautiful shapes this mix of things came together. 

I’m not sure why I’m calling it Still Life in C Major. That just came to me.  I have a root and visually I can see this piece in thirds.  Maybe the major third will be the mum. And there is a quality of brightness. 

I like music but don’t know too much about it as it’s been a long time since I took lessons in any music related area.  Music is something I need to add more of in my life. I tend to paint in the quiet/ stillness. Maybe that wont change for me right now – it let’s me hear my own music a little better while painting.

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