“Canal Ways”

“Canal Ways”   10″ x 8″ oil on canvas  SOLD

Re-visiting some locations in the area to  paint can be a fun experience.  By the time I return I’ve changed and so have elements of the location.  Although, to the naked eye one might not notice!

This is one of the small bridges along the D&R Canal in New Jersey. I’ve painted here before a few times but not in the past couple of years.  Not too much seemed to have changed. Certainly not my admiration for the location and it’s quiet, yet historic aura.

On this day I chose to focus on the bridge.  With some remaining remnants of fall still in the air and on the trees, I took joy in the light.

While here, I was reminded of my small fear of heights.  Although I knew I wouldn’t fall off the cement stanchion, I felt I had to be mindful of not backing up too far.  Or having my gear blown by the wind into the water.  The distance behind me and beside me while painting was limited. 

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