“Yellow Coneflowers”


“Yellow Coneflowers”   24″ x 30″ oil on canvas – SOLD

Part of my joy in plein air painting is being outdoors and experiencing the feeling of expanse.  Typically I work on rather small canvases.  There’s an intimacy about them that I resonate with.   At the same time I’m finding myself  exploring larger works and taking the small landscapes as an inspiration to do this.

This painting was worked from an earlier painting called “Watershed Coneflowers”.  It’s quite a bit different in interpretation and painted on a 24″ x 30″ canvas.  I like that size because it’s proportional to the 8″ x 10″ canvases I tend to work with.  I wanted to emphasize the Coneflowers in the foreground because they were such an impactful part of the original landscape.  What I hoped to also achieve was some of the spontaneity  but that’s proving to be an ongoing challenge.   Perhaps I will have to experiment at some point with bringing a large canvas outdoors to see how that goes. 

The piece does contain a fair amount of texture in the paint application which I am happy with, but it doesn’t come through in my photo. Oh well….Another thing to work on – photographing larger works.

While I do think this is different in feeling than the smaller painting, I like the boldness of it, and I think it does have a sense of expansiveness.

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  1. Beautiful scene Catherine. It does hold the expansiveness because of the distance achieved as the background stays in the back with faint color and minimal details. It’s those wonderful cone flowers that are brilliant, with the cones popping – they draw the attention.

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