“Goat Hill Overlook”

goat-hill-overlook_2981“Goat Hill Overlook”   14″ x 18″ oil on canvas SOLD

With the fall leaves in full color it seemed the perfect time to do some plein air painting this week.  I had heard about Goat Hill Overlook from some fellow artists but hadn’t had a chance to go find it for myself until yesterday.  Admittedly, I got a little lost.  I actually found the spot but didn’t walk far enough along the trail to see the overlook, so I went back to my car and drove off figuring Google Maps had made an error and I was a little frustrated!

After a short detour I decided that I must have been in the right location so I headed back.  A couple of hikers were returning to their car so I asked if I was in the right spot, and I was.  Gathering my gear I walked further along the trail and came upon what I had seen in photos.  A little overwhelmed with the expansive view I took some time before setting up.  Once I got started the time flew by. It was a lovely day and such rich color all around.  What I hoped to capture was the essence of fall and the beauty of the light on some of the houses and buildings across the river. This may be due for a few tweaks here and there but overall I’m pleased with the outcome.

Now that I know where this spot is, I certainly will return if not to paint then to hike the trails with a few friends.  I’m sure it’s lovely any time of year.  I can imagine it with blankets of snow.

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