“Inn of the Hawke”

inn-of-the-hawke_2769“Inn of the Hawke”   10″ x 8″ oil on canvas

Well if you saw my post last week about back roads, this week I found myself on yet another back road.  This time I went to Lambertville, NJ.  It’s a charming historic town right along the Delaware River.  The community is full of art galleries and it’s the home to many artists.

This painting evolved on Wednesday. I was asked to participate in a fundraising event for the Lambertville Historical Society.  The event included a plein air paint out in conjunction with their fall house tour.  Unfortunately, I was not able to paint last Sunday so given the parameters of the event I was able to visit this past week.

What drew me to this location was the deep contrast and interesting architecture.  The Inn of the Hawke was converted from a residence in the 1900’s to an inn and tavern.  Today it still serves as a restaurant and inn. I like its rustic charm and the great food!   This piece will be donated to the fundraising event that will occur in March 2017.


One thought on ““Inn of the Hawke”

  1. What a wonderful place to paint, you captured that old charm older buildings have. Beautiful sunlight coming off the trees and those warm/cool shadows are a perfect offset. This scene is filled with warmth and charm, it will be a welcomed painting at the fundraiser in March.

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