“Beneath the Pier”

“Beneath the Pier”  12″ x  16″ oil on panel  SOLD

Well I didn’t make it to the beach all summer…so the fall is the next best thing.

This painting was done the last week of September in Belmar, NJ.  A beautifully lit morning with a bit of wind.  My primary challenge was to find shade as I have yet to purchase an umbrella for my plein air painting. My mindset is generally one of it’s less gear to carry around, and I will find somewhere that works! 

Voila! A large pier jetting out from the boardwalk area into the ocean became evident as a possible “cover”.   So I walked down and explored the view of the ocean and surrounding area.  Although there were many interesting perspectives it didn’t take long for me to settle on this.    I suppose it appealed to my fascination with “tents” as a subject.  I liked that it had enough elements without the ocean to “read” beach.  And the pier’s shadow added a unique component to the composition.

I must say I got a little cold, even though the sun was brilliant.  Working as fast as I could – I was grateful for my layers and the ability to bury my feet in the sand!

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