“Awaiting Guests”

Awaiting Special Guests 10 x 8IA
“Awaiting Guests” 8″x 10″ Oil on canvas – SOLD

This painting was an unexpected surprise on a rainy afternoon.  I was heading over to a local bed and breakfast  to put up some new paintings and had the intention to paint on the grounds.  The location is the Glencairn Inn in Lawrenceville, NJ.  It’s a lovely setting with a stone house, a barn and other character filled out buildings.  Lot’s of trees and nature all around too! 

As I was driving a storm rolled in with buckets of rain so I had no expectation of painting until I pulled into the driveway.  What greeted my eyes was the barn with the doors open and I could see several table and chair arrangements.  Hmm…. I thought well maybe I can see if I can paint from in there. It just looked so inviting!  In speaking with the Innkeeper I received a lovely yes, please do!

This was a magical experience for me!  The rain was pouring down but the light was just so welcoming and I loved the atmosphere inside the barn. It was so peaceful and comforting.  I was drawn to the light on this table by one of the entry ways. The mahogany tone chairs and green cloth just made such a beautiful statement.  The time flew by as I painted with the calming sound of rain all around me.  It’s an experience I will never forget and I had such joy capturing this moment.


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