“Field of Plenty”

Field of Plenty“Field of Plenty”  10″ x  8″ oil on canvas SOLD

What can I say?  Once again I was completely surprised by something in my “own backyard”. 

A week ago Sunday was the meeting of a local plein air group I participate in. They only meet from May through October.  I’ve missed all the outings so far due to other commitments.  This week the location was about 5 minutes from my house. I wasn’t sure what to expect other than I knew the farmland they backed up to. 

As I arrived and headed into the backyard I was greeted with an abundance of mature foliage, lovely beds of flowers and a pathway out to the field.  It didn’t take long for me to decide on this scene.  I recognized the barn. In fact I have a large painting that I’m working on with this very barn at a different time of year. 

The scene was just as bright as this. Full sun, beautiful clear colors and a billowy cloud filled sky.  The kind that sing with vibrant clear blue that’s just magical.

I enjoyed the company of my fellow artists.  Saw some folks I haven’t seen in awhile and met the owner of the property another long time resident.  It was a rich day for me. One that lifted my spirits as I was coming off a week of learning my 14 year old rescue dog has kidney disease and having her hospitalized as a result.  As I write, she’s in much better condition.  It’s was good to step away on this day from that. To get a breather and give myself some perspective on the grand nature of life and all that it offers in experience.






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