“Crossing the Delaware”

Crossing the Delaware 9 x12“Crossing the Delaware”  9″ x  12″ oil on panel

One of the things I’m missing these days are my trips to Maine  and staying in a rustic cabin on a lake.  I know I will get back there at some point, but for now I’m exploring areas with water that are more local and having fun with that.

Last Wednesday, I took a drive to Washington Crossing Park and stayed on the New Jersey side verses driving over to the Pennsylvania side. Either way there are some awesome views of the Washington Crossing Bridge which is what I captured here.  Both sides have elements of early American history.  Lots of historic buildings that you can tour and learn about George Washington’s trek across the river in 1776.  I don’t envy him that journey!

What I liked about this spot was the strong blue sky and amazing white clouds. The view of the bridge was quite spectacular too. While there I saw a family or two stop by as well as a father and his kids fishing for a bit.  It was just one of those kind of days to be outdoors. A soft breeze in the air and taking time to enjoy the beauty of nature seemed to speak to many.

This painting is 9″ x 12″ and painted on a canvas panel. I didn’t quite finish it on that day.  The foreground presented a few challenges.  I ended up making it a bit more rocky than it really was after I got home. Over all I am very happy with the outcome and the experience I had that day will be a treasured part of my 2016 summer.





One thought on ““Crossing the Delaware”

  1. I missed Maine this time of year too. Love this painting Catherine, it’s a perfect setting with this amazing bridge structure. Love your painterly strokes!

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