“Tents and Flowers”

Tents and Flowers 14 x18“Tents and Flowers”  14 x 18″ oil on canvas

I don’t know about you, but tents are a fascinating subject to me. I think they are related to my interest in umbrellas.  Both provide a covering and I think that’s the underlying attraction.

This painting was done last month at The Morven Museum in Princeton, NJ during their annual Morven in May celebration. They host a plein air painting event in conjunction with an artisan market and plant sale. 

Before I arrived I had been thinking about the tents, not sure of how I might capture them or if I would. They seemed sort of intimidating and large!  After scoping out the area and chatting with a few friends I found this spot. There was something interesting and mysterious about the tents and the cast shadows around the perimeter from this vantage point. I loved the arched “windows” and the idea that there was a whole lot of activity going on inside, yet I couldn’t see it.

There was quite a bit of activity outside as well but I decided not to add the people. From where I was standing I experienced a sense of stillness which I felt was important and I think this comes through in the final work.








One thought on ““Tents and Flowers”

  1. Oh Catherine this was a real treat to see – because the tent and flowers brought images of a wedding immediately to mind, while I know it was the Morven Museum event – you captured a few memories of past for me. Beautifully painted!

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