“Luscious Strawberries”

Luscious Strawberries 8 x8_7569 (2016_06_02 13_59_20 UTC)“Luscious Strawberries”  8 x 8″ oil on canvas  SOLD

What would entering into summer be without some strawberries?

Strawberries seem like such a classic to me. They not only taste wonderful but are a vision to embrace for so many reasons.  Things like their color, shape and texture come right to my mind.

This painting came from the simple desire to paint some fruit.  I had a small basket of strawberries from the local market. (It might have been more fun to pick some at the farm. Oh well, next time!)  Anyway, these were quite large, beautiful in shape and very tasty.  I guess that was inspiration enough for me!!!

When it comes to fruit, I can’t linger too long in my decision of what to paint. If I do, I find I may have consumed the subject before getting a single stroke on to my canvas!    As it is, this piece has one berry with a bite taken out of it!




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