“Camassia – Blue Danube”

Blue Danube in May_7476B
“Camassia – Blue Danube” 12″ x 9″ Oil on panel – SOLD

Last week I had the exciting pleasure of joining a fellow artist friend on a trip down to Chanticleer in Wayne, PA.  This is just outside Philadelphia.  The estate dates back to the early 1920’s and was built as a summer home for Adolph Rosengarten, Sr., and his wife.  It’s written that Mr. Rosengarten named his home after an estate in the novel The Thackerays of similar name of Chanticlere.  Learn More

The grounds are now open to the public and a treat to the eye they are. Beautiful rolling hills with a varied array of foliage and flowers.  Small seating arrangements are sprinkled about to ponder the quiet and beauty of nature.

On this day they were a host location to a plein air painting event.   My friend and I were not participating in that, but went to observe and enjoy some painting ourselves. 

I saw so many amazing plants and flowers. That alone was inspiring.  I came away wanting to experiment more with my own garden. 

After walking around for a bit, this location caught my eye with its winding creek and wrap of indigo blue trailing into the distance.  As I passed some gardeners I asked what the plant was and learned it’s called Camassia.  As much as I wanted to remember that I didn’t and had to ask again later!  Anyway, it was a spectacular and inviting array and where I chose to set up my easel.

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  1. Wonderful peaceful scene Catherine – your plein aire work always amazes me. This captures the essence of a quiet spot filled with natures best, from the light to the trees and flowers – I can totally understand why this spot spoke to you.

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