“Lilacs and Kettle”

Lilacs and Kettle 14 x18“Lilacs and Kettle”  14″x 18″ oil on canvas

Spring came indoors for this recent still life painting.  Excited about the new growth on my lilac tree this spring, I decided to take a few clippings and put together a still life set up to work from.  

The lilacs were the main inspiration. Last season this 20+ year old tree was enmeshed in vines that were soaking the life out of it. Instead of giving up hope, I spent some time cutting and pulling out the vines, thinking this might give the tree a new start.  I was pleasantly surprised!

To complete the arrangement, I added in a vintage Mc Coy vase that I love and an old copper kettle with a classic orange.  This seemed to be a pleasant combination of things.  Often, I like to include a sense of pattern.  For this piece I added a swatch of upholstery fabric as inspiration.  This came from a sample book that I found being discarded on the side of the road one day.  It is chock full of beautiful fabrics and I was excited to have it as a resource.



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