“A Welcome Spring”

A Welcome Spring 14 x 18“A Welcome Spring”  18″x 14″ SOLD

This past Easter Sunday I decided to go painting with one of my painting friends at a local arboretum.  This is another one of those places that for almost 20 years I never knew was about 20 minutes from my home. Upon every visit I am captivated!  On this day when I got out of my car I noticed a garden of trees that had been cut back almost to the ground.  A space that formerly had been visually full now exuded space.

As we walked around we came upon this more formal setting.  There are a number of these on the grounds.  It had a nice combination of elements and I  liked the idea of having the sound of a trickling creek running behind me.  I was able to complete most of this in that day.  A few minor tweaks back at home in my studio.

The photograph color not spot on but you get the general idea.  As always I think the actual paintings far out weigh the “image” or at least my capability with photography!  Painting on Easter Sunday wouldn’t have been something I would have done some years ago but today I can’t think of a better way to honor and celebrate life and new life.

2 thoughts on ““A Welcome Spring”

  1. Wow Catherine I love this painting. The springtime warmth radiates from the scene – beautiful lights and use of yellows. Sorry I’m so late in getting to your blog postings, my husband and I are doing a lot of work around the house for the last three weeks and probably another two to go before I can start creating again. This is a wonderful painting and can see why you took the opportunity to celebrate the season with this beautiful piece.

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