“My Little Town”

My Little Town 8 x 10
“My Little Town” 10″ x 8″ Oil on canvas – SOLD

Stepping outdoors once again as the warmer temperatures begin to emerge.  This past Wednesday I met a painting friend on one of the side streets in my downtown.  What I find humorous is the fact that I’ve lived here over 20 years and haven’t painted much of what’s in my own “backyard”.  And there’s so much here!

A charming and quite historic village this is, so I chose a side street that I’ve walked many times.  The building on the far right has always caught my attention.  I learned on Wednesday from another resident that this used to be an Inn among other things that I now forget.  I guess I need to visit the historical society to get a refresher course.  The structure wasn’t always at this location in town so had been moved over the years.   The architecture is spectacular.  I love the lattice railing along the top and how the light hit the pillars. As much as I like the building I didn’t want to make it the whole composition.  There was something far more interesting to me having it nestled in among the neighboring structures on the street.  Somehow it gives the painting more meaning and character. 

The shadows on the left were the finishing touches.  There were several sycamores right to my side stating their presence in a beautiful and necessary way as the birds on the limbs sung in the way only they can.

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