“Good Morning II”

Bathroom II_6792C

“Bathroom Reflections II”  14″x 18″ oil on canvas

Continuing on with the interior space of one of my bathrooms, this painting captures a view from a different angle.  A little easier to navigate in terms of set up. I wasn’t having to straddle a bathtub or any other fixture. I stationed myself just outside the door in my small hallway.  Drawn to the sink and the mirror at first but including the surrounding architecture ultimately felt appropriate.  There are a few minor adjustments from “reality” which seemed to make the overall composition work a little better. 

After this was completed I put it next to the first painting and like how they flow together. This was an unplanned surprise, but I think they could almost be a diptych.

2 thoughts on ““Good Morning II”

  1. Brilliant Catherine – the whole setup and surprise ending. Love the mirror and shower curtain, what a perfect element. Wonderful – I love these reality pieces you are doing.

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