“Living Room Light”

"Living Room Light"  18"x 14" oil on canvas

“Living Room Light”  14″x 18″ oil on canvas – Private Collection

Interior space and interior landscapes leave much to be explored.  This is the third painting I’ve completed this winter as I take a look inside my home as a subject and “landscape”.

There’s history in this composition from the furniture to the colors and tiny details.  A story behind all of it that only I could tell from this vantage point.  I faced challenges with all the detail and architecture yet had a confidence in approaching this painting that I might not have had before.  Relishing the imperfections of the paint marks as my hand drew the brush across the canvas, I proceeded.  How kindred a spirit I am to my own surroundings.

I too have a history in my personal composition and details of my architecture that I’m still getting to know. As I keep working with the paint I see things emerge in unexpected ways. I hope that continues. 

Everything in this painting has purpose and meaning. The coaster on the table is the one staged element that continues across all three paintings I’ve done so far. Sections of Impressionist paintings are depicted. And in this case used to remind me of myself in these interior landscapes as a woman, former wife, mother and artist. For these aspects of myself have all been here at various points in time.

The artist being last; almost non-existent until the landscape changed around my living room table, and I began to look inside.


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