“The Padded Chair”

The Padded Chair_6443“The Padded Chair”  14″x 18″ oil on canvas – On Exhibit

Do you have a favorite chair? One that you can sink into with your eyes or your body?

I’ve always had a fascination with antiques. Maybe because they have a story and history that peaks my curiosity.  Often it’s the sense of comfort, craftsmanship and artistry that I resonate with. The chair in this painting speaks to that for me.  It’s a chair with tremendous character and detail. The soft velvet upholstery eases around me when I sit in the chair.  It’s comfortable, warm and sturdy in its beauty.  This is probably one of my favorite pieces of furniture, now that I think about it. Certainly a piece that I can enjoy just looking at if I’m not sitting in it.

The soft diffused light coming in is from a nearby lamp. Initially, I had part of the lamp in the composition.  That didn’t work so I opted for the inference of light instead, and I think it’s more meaningful this way.

The small coaster was one thing purposely added to the composition. There’s one in my painting “Amaryllis” posted earlier.  This small detail signifies my love for art and the artist that’s always been part of me. There’s more to that story…

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