Donuts_6472B“Donuts”  4″x 4″ oil on masonite

Probably not good to tempt myself at the  beginning of 2016 with things like donuts.  However, this small study is part of a collection of 9 paintings that I have just finished working on.  The theme for me circles around the “pretty” sweets that  say one thing and do another.  Like come on…eat this, it tastes good, you will feel good and don’t think about what it’s going to do to your insides.

This painting, in collaboration with it’s 8 other “mates” will become one of my composite paintings over the next weeks. My intention is to submit this as an entry to a show where artists are invited to “express their take on food,body image, need, nourishment, obsession and compulsion.” 

Granted my finished work may not be selected. But this has been an interesting process that has brought a lot to mind for me with regard to food, nourishment and body image.

Working within this realm I found myself continually recognizing how often bright, cheerful colors are used.  I also found myself at times becoming desirous of a sample.

In my selection of “subjects” I started noticing the names. Names like “Snoballs”, “Fluff”, “Twinkies” “Devil Dogs” etc.   I’ve wondered about subliminal messages….  When I’m eating a “Snoball” who’s getting “snoballed” me, my body, my taste buds?  What is “Fluff” doing to me anyway other than giving me a sugar rush?  Do the companies care who create these things?  Stay tuned, I may post the finished composite once it’s together and I’ll let you know if the piece gets accepted into the show.

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