Amaryllis C 14 x18_6361“Amaryllis”  18″x 14″ oil on canvas – $850

As winter slowly approaches I plan this year to spend some time working on “interior” landscapes.  I suppose this can have many interpretations and it may through the next few months.  Always my painting is a reflection of my personal interior landscape. I think that goes with out saying as it’s something I surrender to in the process of painting.

This scene is from a corner in one room of my house. I purchased this Amaryllis and have watched it bloom and share it’s profound elegance with me.  It’s something that for me commanded my attention and appreciation. My history with plants hasn’t always been good so you can imagine my joy with this beauty.

The painting was done with brush and palette knife and had the hint of a piece of furniture on the left in my original rough in.  I decided to remove that and let the space speak more as part of the overall composition.


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