“Aggie’s Roadside”

Aggie's Roadside 8 x10_5713“Aggies Roadside”  8″x 10″ oil on panel

Farm scenes don’t always have to be about the field or a barn, although those are lovely subjects.  I have  an affinity for trucks and farm equipment. Living near many farms I have the opportunity to observe these aspects of farm life and the beauty of their “architecture”. 

This truck and flat bed have been around for years. I’ve driven by them countless times. I’ve photographed them and purchased pumpkins off of them but I’ve never championed painting them.  Perhaps too intimidated!

This day I had the opportunity to paint on site at this local farm and my choice was to face my fear, and “dive” in on the truck and flatbed.  The sun was rather bright and although the color not as vibrant as this it’s what my heart saw. There was a cheerfulness for me.  

The painting was done on a panel and I used a combination of both brush and palette knife.  A lot of color right from the tube and I just went with my inspiration!  


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