“The Marshes”

The Marshes 9 x 12_6324“The Marshes”  9″x 12″ oil on panel  SOLD

For some months I’ve wanted to get to the shore to plein air paint. Well that didn’t happen over the summer! None the less two Sundays ago I decided to take a drive to Cheesequake State Park and see what the landscape had to present.  Ironically, I had a memory of visiting this state park when I was in Junior high school with my science class.  Probably not the best memory because Earth Science wasn’t my favorite class.  

An overcast day it was with lots of greys and a bit more wind than I had anticipated.  My initial painting captured part of a small lake.  It wasn’t resonating with me when I got it home so the next day I scraped the entire painting down.  In my frustration I scanned through some of the pictures I took and decided to see what I could do with this scene.

I have to say there are quite a few artistic liberties taken in this.  For example: the dock had  a railing.  Although I found it very interesting in the composition I decided to take it out and feel the painting has more expanse and openness.  I built up a lot of texture with the foreground grasses, and modified a dock in the distance to read like a small body of water.  

Again lots of color to pull out of the overriding “grey” day.


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  1. Your frustration led to triumph Catherine – what a wonderful scene that developed on your canvas. Love the feel of it and do wish I was there to walk along the dock and let the breeze take me on a journey.

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