“The Living Farm”

The Living Farm
“The Living Farm” 14″ x 18″ Oil on panel – $975 Framed

Howell Living Farm is a beautiful place to visit. I love the sense of history and celebration of living from the land. It reminds me of the 1800’s.  It’s quite an expansive place that is frequently visited by school age children.  I remember going there myself with my daughters classmates and learning about wheat. I did get to experience their corn maze this season and it was spectacular!

This trip was with one of the plein air groups I belong to. A beautiful early fall day.  I stationed myself under a huge tree and had a nice view of many of the buildings nestled among the trees.  The light changed a lot so I captured what I could as fast as possible and did a lot of tweaking in my studio.  This mostly consisted of restructuring the foreground and incorporating some palette knife into the final piece.


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