“Brainerd Lake”

Brainard Lake 8 x10_5843“Brainerd Lake”  8″x 10″ SOLD

Brainerd Lake is located near where I live.  Ironically, it’s not a place I often think of to go plein air painting.  As I’ve come to learn many times over …..often I don’t have to travel too far to find beauty and inspiration!

Brainerd Lake is surrounded by a small village park. It has a beautiful gazebo and play ground.  Prior to the parks development the land was used as a nursery to propagate lost village trees.I can only imagine how lovely that scene might have been beside the lake.

This painting was done about a month ago as the sun was just beginning to set.  The colors became rich and glowing before my eye.  My hand could barely keep up with the amazing adventure of color.

This was worked with both palette knife and brush. It’s such a pleasure to be able to capture some of natures best moments in time.

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