“Behind the Scenes”

Behind the Scenes 8 x 10_5631

“Behind the Scenes”  8″x 10″ oil on gessoboard  SOLD

Behind the scenes may be a little abstract for a description on this painting, but it speaks to my experience.  I had the opportunity to paint at The Inn at Glencairn in New Jersey.  I’ve passed by this spot numerous times over the years.  Curious but never stopping in to take a look. 

This week I joined a few plein air artists at this location and was opened to a glorious space filled with hints of fall and a warm rustic charm of days past. Rich foliage and charming architecture dazzled my being. 

The painting was done on an 8″ x 10″ gessoboard panel in oils.  I started with brush and finished with several palette knives building the texture, color and composition.  So much fun! 

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  1. Gorgeous Catherine – I’ve been out almost all of October so I’ve missed much of your new work. This is wonderful, love the treatment of sunlight and your thick paint strokes.

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