“A View on Main Street”

A View on Main Street 6" x 15"

“A View on Main Street” 6″x 15″ oil on masonite SOLD

This panoramic, plein air oil painting captures a view down the main street in my little community. 

The street is rich with historic buildings and architecture as well as mature trees.  This was a very warm, brightly lit and humid day. Given that, finding some shade to paint under was my priority.  Fortunately, the firehouse across the way has some mature trees and that’s just what I needed to capture this view.   I was drawn to the sense of light as it cast itself on this lovely historic home. 

I wasn’t sure about the panoramic perspective of the panel in terms of the composition but I went with it.  Part of my process continues to be stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things.  This was one of those moments and I think the panoramic view works well.  Maybe I will try more of these down the road!


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