“The Lobster Shanty”

The Lobster Shanty“The Lobster Shanty”  12″x 16″ SOLD

Over the years one of my favorite things to do was take a trip to Maine and stay at a camp lakeside.  I enjoyed these annual visits a lot with my daughter and during my own childhood.

On one of those trips a few summers ago my daughter and I decided to take a day trip to Wiscasset.  It was about an hour ride and a glorious one at that through back roads and nature.  In part we were going to enjoy a fresh Maine lobster roll. 

As you enter Wiscasset the sea fairing aura and history begin to emerge almost out of no where.  Immediately, I was enamored with the activity and architecture.  There was so much to see and explore.  We did a lot of walking. Our appetite for lunch grew quickly!  There were a number of lobster shanty’s to enjoy and the lines indicated their shared popularity.  We added ourselves to the trail and some time later, walked away happily with our lobster rolls in hand.  Finding a little table near by we surrounded ourselves with good food, boats, fisherman, seagulls and the aroma of the sea. With my camera in tow I took many photographs to record the experience. I have to say this is one of many I treasure with my daughter.

The scene I chose to represent here depicts a lobster shanty near where we ate.  I liked the open quality that surrounded a flurry of activity and details.  A little artists modification emerged in this work. The lobster shanty and adjacent shop were not on the “beach” but on ground in front of an inlet.  However, as the painting emerged the foreground took on the appearance of sand. I felt it added something to the composition in this case and went with it. 

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  1. Perfect Catherine, the painting is classic Maine! It takes me right back to Maine, as we used to head up the coast for fresh lobster every summer. Loved reading your story, brought back memories of how my husband and I would go to Harrassekette Lunch down in the Harbor of Freeport for our Sunday dinner.

    • Thank you Mary! I love hearing when people connect with my work and have their own story with a location. I am familiar with Freeport. I would take a drive down there from the Belgrade Lakes area to walk around LLBean with my daughter. Some nice memories there.

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