“Hydrangea and Picket”

Hydrangea and Pickett_4927
“Hydrangea and Picket” 14″ x 16″ Oil on panel – NFS

There’s something about a picket fence that appeals to me in certain context’s. I also happen to like Hydrangea’s. 

This Hydrangea is one that I have had for about 20 years. I remember getting it through a mail order catalog.  It was so small. I had no idea how I was going to care for it or see it through to maturity. My success rate with plants wasn’t consistent. 

This summer, I decided to spend an afternoon in my backyard painting. This scene is on the side of my house.  I really liked how hearty the Hydrangea was and how it looked in relationship to the picket fence.  They seemed to work well in unison as part of the overall composition. 

On a deeper level for me, there’s a truth in the idea that in order to reach maturity or see something through to maturity borders are necessary.  A picket fence can be a border of that nature. It allows for visibility and light while also providing protection.

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  1. Beautiful write up of your lovely Hydrangea and the picket fence – you have a green thumb that I envy. The scene is a beautiful summer visual of perfectly matched comp colors and an atmosphere that speaks quiet summertime pasts. Wonderful painting Catherine!

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