Roses a Commission

Commission Stage V_4466Roses”  11″ x 14″ oil on canvas  SOLD

This painting is a recently completed commission.  I was asked to create a painting of red and burgundy roses in honor of the clients mother. 

The process entailed asking a lot of questions and active listening to discern what the client saw in her minds eye.  I did quite a few studies in preparation and a good deal of research as I was working with a lot of imagination and no concrete image or physical subject.

One of the things I hoped to do was capture a variety of roses. The client particularly liked this as she found it resonated with the many facets of her mother.  

What was integral to the piece was keeping the client informed and part of the process. This was very important to the final outcome in my view.

Overall, I think this is one of my best paintings. It also was probably one of the most challenging experiences from a painting standpoint for me.

The greatest reward was observing how excited my client was with the result.

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  1. Gorgeous vintage roses painting Catherine – Love this painting. You managed to show tight full bundles of rose petals joy! Do love the light, shadows and edging.

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